Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We were back to work on 4 January with a team of 4 on site.  However, each day, we lost one to illness (none were Covid related) so that by Thursday and Friday only Sam was still at work!  Nevertheless, he managed to complete all the posi-joists for the top floor and get them boarded temporarily.  We can now see roughly what the top floor will look like and it is certainly living up to expectations.


The Heroes Scaffolding team was back on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th to install a further lift in preparation for building the roof structure,  They made short work of the new installation.


We thought that we had all the required Isotex 44/23 blocks that we need to complete the top floor walls in the country.  Unfortunately, there is still a truck load in transit somewhere between Italy and UK; it should have been here before Christmas but, as the Italian factory remain firmly closed until 10 January, it has been impossible to trace it.  As the load was still missing, the Insul Hub team scoured all of their sites across the country and sufficient 44/23 blocks were delivered to our site on Tuesday 11th to complete the walls.

On Wednesday 12th, Paul of P A Welding & Fabrication was on site to cut the top floor steel posts to size and weld on the plates which will take the steel beams at the front and rear of the house.

By the end of the week (14 January) Sam and Lewis of Insul Hub had built and shored up all of the internal walls (HB20s) and built up the external walls (44/23s) to the height of the steels for the centre of the roof.  These are due to be placed on Tuesday 18th with a concrete pour later in the week.


We finally have everything we need on site to complete the structure for the roof.  The roofer, who will manufacture and for the SSAB Greencoat roof, and the installer who will form the central valley gutter are both on standby for w/c 24 January.  It really does feel like onwards and upwards!



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