The blocks have landed

The first delivery of Isotex blocks has arrived direct from the factory in northern Italy.  This comprises all of the blocks required for the basement and the first of the blocks for the ground floor.

All the Isotex blocks are 500mm long and 250mm high: “Lego for Adults” as Insul Hub calls them!  However, they come in different depths depending on the function and the level of insulation required.


For the basement, we are using HD III 38/10 blocks; these are 380mm deep and include 100mm of Neopor insulation and allow for 120mm of concrete to be poured into the void between the woodcrete webs.  Once laid, these blocks have a u value of around 0.23 W/m2K, which is further enhanced by being underground.

For the upper floors, we are using the HD III 44/23 blocks; these are 440mm deep and include 230mm on Neopor insulation giving an installed u value of 0.11 W/m2K.  As our target for the walls is < 0.1, then once we have applied external render and internal plaster, the walls will be well within the target.

The team will now start to build up, spending time to get the first course spot on to ensure that the walls are true and level.

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