Solid progress on the top floor

The team has made good progress this week.


A partial 3rd lift of scaffolding was erected by Heroes Scaffolding on Tuesday and we then had a team of 5 (Dan, Emilius, Sam, Riley and Lewis) from Insul Hub on site for the rest of the week.

We can now start to see the shape of the top floor as all of the window formers have been installed.  It is now possible to appreciate the scale of the 8.5m wide x 2.6m high sliding windows at the front of the house!

Inevitably, we have more delays!  The beam and block still doesn’t have a firm delivery date, the posi-joists which were due last week are now the week after next (perhaps) and the final steels for the roof are on a similar timeframe.  This means that we will probably only have a partial pour this coming week to stabilise about 5 courses on the top floor walls and little else.

Plus ca change!!

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