The “hole” is finally complete!

We have finally reached the bottom of the “hole”!


The great team of Geoff, Mark, Ollie and Mason from local firm G E Groundworks have done a fantastic job in getting to the right levels ready for the construction phase to begin next month.

The G E Groundworks team

Today, the final trucks from another local firm Fleetwood Grab Services left the site with the last load of surplus chalk.  We have removed over 70 x 20 tonne loads from the site plus 60 tonnes of chalk laid on a field track for a neighbour along with a stockpile of about 200 tonnes of subsoil which will be brought back in when we backfill once the basement has been built.

Geoff and his team have probably moved about 1800 tonnes of material.  If you need landscaping support, this is the go-to team!

Meanwhile, Catherine Hall of Catherine Hall Architecture, has been busy drawing together the information for the Building Regulations submission coordinating with structural engineer, Tom Clapham of J B Langley Associates, and basement waterproofing designer David Jeffries of Structural Waterproofing Design Consultants along with other specialist input.

We now have a couple of quiet weeks before construction starts after Easter.  Watch this space!


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